• Welcome to Petrocon Swaziland
    Petrochemical Construction & Maintenance
    We are the number one petrochemical construction contractor in the Kingdom of Eswatini.
    We are ready for your next big project!
  • Welcome to Petrocon Swaziland
    Tank Installations
    Whatever the location, whatever the depth
    we're your go-to team for safe, professional installations.
  • Welcome to Petrocon Swaziland
    Retail Signage
    Our skilled team takes pleasure in setting you up for prime visibility
    using modern signage materials and techniques.

Looking for a quality contractor for your next project?

9 years and counting
Welcome to Petrocon Swaziland

Serving with class & excellence

Year after year, we continue to deliver quality and class to facelift the Kingdom's major structures in the petrochemical industry.

  • Petrochemical construction
  • Retail maintenance
  • Piping
  • Fuel pump supplies
  • Retail Signage


At Petrocon, we are always ready to do the unbelievable. Our quality speaks for itself. Check out our services below and let us know how we can help!

Petrochemical Construction

We specialize in constructing facilities from scratch, with a focus on safety and efficiency. Our expertise includes building fuel storage bunkers, entire fuel stations, and other petrochemical infrastructure.

Retail Maintenance

Our team of experts offers services such as machinery inspection, oil analysis, and purification technologies to keep your fuel stations in top shape

Piping & Maintenance

We provide comprehensive services for new pipeline construction, transmission, repairs, and emergency repairs

Tank Installations

Trust in our expertise to construct and maintain tanks for various petrochemical applications

Process Equipment Installation

Our team specializes in installing and modifying petrochemical process equipment and piping, ensuring seamless integration

Retail Signage

Rely on our experienced team for expert signage installation. We skillfully handle a variety of modern materials to make you visible.


Feed your eyes on this great selection of photos from some of our work.

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    Tanker building for Transship

  • img-2

    Galp Signage

    World class retail signage

  • img-3

    Petrocon Quality

    Quality that speaks for itself

  • img-4


    Whatever the depth or direction

  • img-5

    Tank Installations

    Safety & efficiency down deep

  • img-6

    Site Works

    Committed to deliver

  • img-7


    We have no room for error

  • img-8

    Puma Manzini Signage

    Class, delivered